Zoho CRM Live Chat

Engage Website Visitors with Zoho SalesIQ (Live Chat)

Live chat is a highly interactive channel that lets visitors ask questions or get advice on products that best fit their needs. Sales reps can see which webpage a prospect is stuck on, and start providing immediate and personal assistance to increase sales conversions.

Turn Visitors into Leads

Assist your visitors by proactively chatting with them and sending targeted messages as they browse your website, with the Zoho SalesIQ (Live Chat) integration for Zoho CRM. Sales reps can attend chats while they’re working on CRM, or add visitors as leads and assign them to a sales rep, right from the chat window.

Save Visitor History to CRM

Understand your visitors better by seeing whether they’re a recurring customer or a new prospect, before you engage with them. Zoho CRM stores chat transcripts for each record, so you have the entire history of customer interactions and a summary of all their visits at your fingertips. You also get notified if you miss chat messages when you’re offline, and they’ll be saved as notes to the prospect’s record.

Segment Visitors by Sales Pipeline

If your website receives thousands of visitors every day, it’s easy to miss out on hot prospects. By automatically segmenting visitors into leads, prospects, and customers, Zoho CRM ensures you can always prioritize your engagements accordingly. Stay on top of sales by viewing a visitor’s status in Zoho CRM and their deals in the pipeline, and then starting a personalized chat experience.

Powerful Live Chat Reports

Customer segmentation is represented in graphs for easy interpretation. Understand where your visitors come from and what they’re looking for, know the day’s hot visitors, and more. Compare these metrics over time to identify trends and enhance your customer interactions.

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