Zoho CRM Account Management

Unlock the Power of Strategic Account Management

Zoho CRM offers a range of tools to manage a customer’s account information inside your CRM. Account management makes it easy for sales reps to close more deals by giving a complete overview of a company’s contacts, deals, and tasks in one place.

Cater to Different Needs of the Organization

Giving your attention to each individual or department is easy when you treat them as separate accounts under the same parent account. By setting up a parent-child account relationship in CRM, you can manage daily operations and interact with decision makers in a streamlined way.

See the Whole Picture

View all your information from a single location, including the latest customer activity, associated contacts, pending deals, ongoing projects, and more. A complete view of your account makes collaboration easy, regardless of how the business changes.

Discover Key Account-Based Insights

Get deeper insights about the accounts that you manage with Zoho CRM’s built-in analytics. With a wide range of analytical components, you can quickly assess your priorities and complete tasks for important customers in a timely manner. Analytics also help you see which accounts are your most valuable, so you can assign your best team members to those accounts.

One Place to Keep Track of All Your Transactions

Use Zoho CRM to generate sales orders and see payment details within the account. Built-in inventory management functions allow you to generate invoices, collaborate with vendors and partners, and ultimately keep tabs on all your transactions in one place. Zoho CRM also integrates with popular accounting tools to manage your back-office operations.