Zoho CRM Webpage Portal

Self-Service Sales Through Client Portals

Zoho CRM Webpage Portal empowers your customers, vendors, and partners with online portals where you can define what data is shown to whom and define their individual access permissions. Enable personal buying by providing a platform where clients can view your products and services, place orders, and update their own contact information.

Controlled Access to the Data in Your Portal

Every module in Zoho CRM can be set with different access permissions to read, write, edit, and comment on the data available in portals. Every contact needs to be invited to become a portal user and you can revoke access at any time. You can also set up password protection for portals so that each user can only access their own database. A portal can be deleted at any time without losing any data from Zoho CRM.

Collaborate with Vendors to Meet Customer Demands

Save time and resources that were previously dedicated to status calls and emails with a dedicated portal for your vendors. This streamlined channel of communication ensures that any order conflicts or disputes can be quickly resolved, fostering stronger business relationships with your vendors. Your vendors can get a consolidated view of all the sales orders that they’re associated with, and they can leave you comments if there’s a change in your order.

Turn Your CRM Data into e-Catalogues

Let prospects browse through your products and services at their leisure through portals that are customized with your company’s branding. Set up portals using your CRM database by giving modules public access permissions. Create an ideal space to show your prospects exactly what you’re offering by styling your portal with the Canvas view to create a picturesque display of your records with images, tags, color codes, and more.

Empower Partners with More Control Over their Data

Keep communication open and transparent by providing a portal for your partners. Your partners can access their leads and keep their accounts up to date with accurate contact information. They can also place purchase orders and add new leads (which can be approved by you) to collaborate on deals for effective reselling. In return, you can generate actionable information from your partners through referral programs for a consistent and mutually profitable relationship.