Zoho Email Integration

Improve Sales with a Contextual Email Integration

As a salesperson, emails are essential for engaging with your leads, and customers. Zoho CRM helps you write more powerful and personalized content by combining emails with contextual CRM information and analytics.

Customer emails within CRM

When most of your work is done within your CRM, it’s important to be aware if any of your prospects have responded to your emails. Get immediate alerts from deals and contacts right inside Zoho CRM—reply instantly to emails, add follow-ups, and make notes when needed. Zoho CRM automatically associates all emails with their respective customer records, so you’ll never have to comb through a mountain of messages to send your next round of follow-ups.

Email Status Updates

Zoho CRM informs you when your emails were delivered, if they’ve been opened, and when they were read. Use advanced filters to identify leads who haven’t responded within a certain timeframe as well as leads that are responding well and are ready to close. This analysis allows you to strategically plan your follow-ups for maximum benefit.

Schedule Messages and Send Emails

Emails can be scheduled to send in CRM at a preset time or at each contact’s best time to contact. To reach a large number of customers, like when sending out business updates, or personalized follow-up emails to your customers in bulk. All these activities can be added to workflows for a one-time setup. You can even create auto-responders so no customer will be left unanswered.

Make sure the right users can access the right emails

Depending on the roles of your CRMs users and the nature of your email communications, you may want emails to be available to every user in your CRM, or keep them confidential and only available to a small group of key decision makers. Zoho CRM makes it easy to define your email sharing policy at the organizational level for each role and update the policy for users in bulk, so you can quickly set email sharing permissions for new employees or update them when users move to different roles in your CRM system.

Email Analytics

Your email client’s analytics can often be incomplete because you can’t compare them against actual sales to figure out how your emails are benefiting you. Zoho CRM creates individual email reports for each salesperson based on the number of emails they’ve sent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Analytics show you how many of these emails brought in leads, closed deals, and even how long it took to do so.

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