Zoho Payroll

Automate payroll calculation and taxes, generate online pay stubs, and pay your employees on time every time.

Mobile App

Employee payroll app accessible anywhere.

The Zoho Payroll app lets you manage your employees, look at pay slips, calculate total earnings, and much more on the go.

Zoho Payroll Features

Go paperless on your paperwork

Generate federal tax forms online including employee-related tax withholding forms and pay stubs. State tax forms are also available for users in California and more states to come. 

Import historic payroll data

No more starting from scratch. Pick up from where you left off, even if you have already processed payroll for the fiscal year.

Manage employees’ exit

We take care of your employees’ exit process, notify them, and send pay stubs to their email address automatically.

Automated notifications

With personalized notifications on upcoming pay runs and tax filings, Zoho Payroll informs you at the right time to take the right actions.

Email templates

Personalize email templates by adding a human touch to your automated messages when you pay employees or invite them to access their self-service portal.

Work location

Create multiple work locations to manage your distributed workforce and track payroll easily across locations.

Users and roles

Sends invites to your staff to process payroll while maintaining control with finely-grained user roles and permissions.

Accounting integration with Zoho Books

Zoho Payroll works with Zoho’s tax compliant accounting software (Zoho Books) to automate your payroll accounting.

Pre-defined employee benefits

From health insurance to 401(k) retirement plans, you can choose from our list of benefits to look after your employees.

Paid time off policies

Send your employees on a nice holiday or give them ample time to recover from illness with customized vacation and sick leave policies.

Payout unused leave

Reward your diligent employees for their disciplined attendance. You can choose to pay your employees for their unused paid time off.

Dissociate benefits

Easily adjust your list of benefits as your workforce grows and your business changes. You can delete a benefit or mark it inactive to all employees or a select few.

Gross to net calculation

Use Zoho Payroll to calculate any deductions and payroll taxes from the gross pay to get net pay.

Set your pay schedule

Customize your pay schedule to run payroll weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Payroll review

Hit the approve button too soon? Zoho Payroll lets you revert your processed pay run and re-initiate the payroll process easily.

Online salary payments

Zoho Payroll can be integrated with Forte and can send employees money directly to their bank accounts online.

Bonus Payroll

Did your business get record profit? Reward your employees with bonuses. The corresponding taxes and withholdings are taken care of automatically.

Flexible pay types and rates

You can run payroll for both hourly and salaried employees. You can also pay different rates for different tasks if necessary.

Payroll expenses summary

Keep a close eye on your organization’s payroll expenses with our summary report that classifies contributions towards salary, benefits, state taxes, and federal taxes.

Employees pay summary

Know how much you paid every employee. Keep track of the details by being able to see the hours worked, employee bonuses, and allowances for a timeframe of your choice.

W-4 withholding

Display your employees’ withholding elections for federal and state taxes and overrides.

Export reports

With whatever report you run, you can export the data in multiple formats for deeper analysis and insights.

Form 940

Get the annual summary of all wages, tax liabilities, and payments made under the Federal Unemployment Tax Act.

Form 941

Get your quarterly summary of federal tax returns for taxes withheld, Social Security, and total tax deposits.

Form 944

Get a report of your annual tax liability for Social Security, Medicare, and withheld federal income taxes automatically.

Wages and tax summary

Zoho Payroll generates W-2 information for all your employees, so you can let them prepare for their tax returns well in advance.