Supercharge Your Sales with Zoho One

Zoho One gives your sales team a comprehensive set of tools to sell efficiently across channels with a structured and repeatable sales process that takes you from lead to cash.
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Sell across channels

When there are lots of ways to talk to customers, there are lots of ways to sell to them. Zoho One gives you tools to close deals across channels.

Live Chat

Chat with and sell to your website visitors.
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CRM Mobile

Sell in-person and on the CRM mobile app.
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Online Meetings

Schedule online meetings and sales calls.
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Associate every email exchange to a customer record.
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Bridge your CRM and phone system for smarter calls.

Social Media

Generate leads and follow customers through social media.
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Define and automate your sales process

A sales process is a series of repeatable and predictable steps that you can improve over time. Zoho One helps you structure and automate your sales process for faster growth.


Get a complete view of your customer. Automate workflows, processes, campaigns, customer journeys, and more so that you can focus more on relationships.

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Business Intelligence

Track sales targets and other KPIs. Connect, prepare and analyze your data, create stunning data visualizations, and discover hidden insights, all within minutes.
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Sales Process Management

Build structured and repeatable sales processes.

Create quotes, sales orders, and invoices

A handshake deal is one thing, a signed sales contract is another. Zoho One gives you tools to generate and sign contracts that get you paid on time.

Quotes and Estimates

Create and send quotes quickly.

Sales Orders

Generate sales orders.


Convert approved estimates into invoices.

Digital Signatures

Send sales contracts for digital signatures.

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