Zoho One Mobile App

30+ Tools in One Powerful App

Toss out your patchwork of cloud applications, legacy tools, and paper-based processes with a single operating system for your entire business.

A Single App To Improve Every Process

Applications bring structure to real world processes so you can work more effectively and efficiently. Since processes are fluid and interconnected, applications must integrate so data is always in the right place. The Zoho One mobile app gives you a broad suite of over 40 web applications, so you can improve the right processes in your business.

One-Tap Launcher

Install, launch, and manage all your Zoho applications with our new mobile app. Toggle between an admin view of your entire organization and an individual view of your personal account. Get admin-level permissions without admin-level complexity.

Global search

Access Zoho’s global search feature right from your home screen. Comb through all your data across all your Zoho apps, then find exactly what you’re looking for with our context-rich search results in already installed applications.

Quick View Dashboard

Begin each business day by taking the pulse of your organization. Monitor org-wide metrics—such as log-in trends and total app usage—or drill down into the data to see activity for individual user accounts.

App permissions

Effectively manage application permissions for every user in your organization. Disable apps with a tap to administer user roles and authorizations more easily.

Your Business in Your Pocket

Zoho One Can Streamline Operations for Every Department