Zoho One for Operations

Zoho One gives your organization a comprehensive set of tools to fulfill orders quickly, manage internal and customer-facing projects, expand your business model, and create custom apps for your unique processes.
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Fulfill orders and deploy services

Once a purchase is made, orders need to be processed. Zoho One gives you tools to fulfill orders and deploy services quickly to meet customer expectations.

Manage Orders

Fulfill orders from purchase to delivery.

Multi-channel Selling

Manage your inventory and orders across channels both offline and online.

Warehouse Management

Manage stock levels across multiple warehouses.

Track Customer Shipments

Use Zoho Inventory to Track Customer Shipments.
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Estimates and Quotes

Create and send estimates or quotes.

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Payments from Customers

Collect payments from customers.

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Manage projects with your prefered methodology

Different tools fit different types of projects and management styles. Zoho One gives you a range of project management tools to find the best way to get more stuff done.

Project-based Billing

Generate invoices based on time tracked within projects.
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Resource Utilization

Keep them on projects using Gantt charts, resource utilization charts, and more.
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Waterfall Project Management

Break projects into milestones, lists, and tasks.
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Zoho One - Operations Related Apps

Here are some of the popular Operations related Apps for Zoho One

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