Zoho One for Marketing

Zoho One gives your marketing team a comprehensive set of tools to build your presence, send prospects the right messages, and get great returns on your marketing budget.

Build and optimize your website

Whether you need a new website, or want to increase conversions for existing ones, Zoho One gives you tools to track performance and test new ideas.

Website Builder

Quickly build a professional website.

A/B Testing

Run A/B tests and improve website engagement.

Visual Analytics

Review heatmaps and scrollmaps to see how visitors use your website.

Goal Tracking

Track website elements and measure performance of pages.


Give website visitors personalized experiences.

Engage prospects across channels

There are multiple ways to engage prospects and customers. Zoho One gives you the tools to be in the right place, to say the right thing at the right time.


Email Marketing

Create, send, and track effective email campaigns.

Custom Forms

Create forms to capture lead and customer information.

Social Media

Post to and monitor your social media accounts from one place.

Live Chat

Monitor and chat with your website visitors.


Attribute results of marketing campaigns to individual customers.

Business Intelligence

Track lead volume, ROI, and other KPIs in one place.

Team Messaging

Chat with teammates 1-on-1, or in dedicated channels, across devices.

Online Meetings

Host online meetings with colleagues, customers, and partners.

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