Zoho Projects User Administration

To form a functional team, businesses should define different types of users in their team. Businesses can be effectively managed by inviting users to various roles. And, the person who has the administration privileges can invite or add users to various roles in the project.


A user’s profile determines the level of access within the organization. Zoho Projects classifies profiles into two categories. Profiles can be created and customized to define permission sets and assign them to a particular group of users based on their role. Profiles can be configured by the Portal Owner and any user can be given the relevant permission to create and customize profiles.¬†


Define roles for users in your organization and map them to their designations. Users can be mapped to roles and profiles to set access privileges. Zoho Projects gives you four default roles (Administrator, Manager, Employee, and Contractor) which can be edited to suit specific business needs. You can @ mention roles when adding a new status or when adding comments on feeds or any project modules (except direct comments on pages, documents, and forums).

Client Users

A company or organization for whom the projects are done, is called a client company¬† E.g., Bowman Furniture’s is a client company. A user who can view the progress of the client company project, Eg: paul@bowman.com is the client user of that project.