Zoho Project Document Management

Organize Everything. Share from Anywhere.

Zoho Projects helps you easily organize and work on files associated with a particular project. No more version confusion, e-mailing files to yourself, or sifting through your inbox trying to find a crucial approval document from months ago. You always have instant access to the latest file versions—and can quickly see what others have changed.

Manage Files in One Place

Documents, video clips, graphics, spreadsheets, reports—the average project entails hundreds of different files, often on dozens of different computers. With Zoho Projects, every file is centrally stored and organized, so every team member is always informed.

Share Files from Anywhere

Share files of your entire organization from a single place. You can also associate files with tasks, and organize them in hierarchical folders that mirror your structure and workflow. It’s complete control with total simplicity.

Keep Track of File Versions

Zoho Projects automates key document processes such as revision tracking, access control and search and retrieval. All changes are displayed with notes, dates and author information. That way everyone is always working with the latest, most accurate version of every file.

Find your Files Easily

Zoho Projects’ powerful search tool lets you easily locate your documents within projects. Search for files by using words in the title or content and instantly view results.