Zoho PageSense

The Complete A/B Testing and Conversion Rate Optimization Platform

Nail Those Critical Web Conversions

See your website through your visitors’ eyes—what they like and what they don’t. Use these insights to make changes to your website and go get those conversions!

Track Business Goals

Goals help you track the key metrics of your website across segments. Use Funnel Analysis to find out which pages on your site cause significant drop-off.

Analyze Visitor Behavior

Our heatmaps show your visitors’ clicking and scrolling patterns, and session recording helps you understand individual visitor behavior.

Optimize Your Website

Experiment with website layout, element placement, and formatting. Make every change count by running A/B tests before committing.

Visitor Segmentation

Segment reports to get data on a specific demographic or to target a niche audience for your experiments.

Beyond Login Sessions

Use our Chrome extension to experiment with pages that hide behind login sessions.

Single Page Applications Support

You can use all of our features, even if you have an SPA or your website loads a single HTML page that updates dynamically as visitors interact with it.


Zoho PageSense offers integrations with several third party applications as well as in-Zoho products to interconnect all your insights.

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