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Online forms for every business.

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Create Beautiful Forms without Code

Our feature-rich form builder software, with 40+ field types, customizable themes, situation-specific templates, and a simple user interface, helps you create beautiful, functional forms for all your needs

Collect data from all corners

Embed forms on web pages and engage with your website visitors. Share links on social media or to a target audience via email campaigns. Let your forms reach a wider audience or keep them private within a closed organization.

Stay informed with instant notifications

Trigger conditional alerts via email whenever a new record is submitted or updated. Include attachments and keep all concerned people in the loop. Receive instant updates on chat platforms where your teams can work collaboratively. 

Zoho Forms is easy to use in this 6-step method

1. Create

From simple textboxes to formula fields, our form builder can handle it all. Collect payments, perform calculations, use conditional logic, create PDFs, and personalize your thank you page!

2. Design

Personalize your forms with themes and templates to get just the look you need. Add your logo and a custom color scheme--your customers will never forget your brand!

3. Publish

Embed forms on your webpages or share them using email campaigns, public links, and on social media. Increase your form's offline reach with printable QR codes!

4. Notify

Receive email alerts as soon as a submission comes through and send out confirmation emails to your respondents automatically. Personalize these emails based on your respondent's answers and send messages that matter.

5. Integrate

Integrate your form with our CRM, Campaigns, and Desk applications! View data in Google Sheets, create new leads in Sales force, and connect to all of your favorite applications with Zapier.

6. Analyze

View statistics of your forms such as error scores, conversion rates, create reports, export your data, all in just a few clicks. Keep track of your form's performance, even if you're away from your desk!

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