Sage Intelligence Requirements

As with any software program, it’s important to know the required prerequisites for Sage Intelligence custom reporting to allow it to function without issue. Our user base for Sage Intelligence continues to grow so I thought I’d summarize a check-list designed as both a setup document and a start to troubleshooting.


  • Sage Intelligence must be installed as the Network Administrator
  • Excel must be installed and activated prior to the Sage Intelligence installation
  • Excel must be closed during installation of Sage Intelligence (also check that there are no remaining EXCEL.EXE processes listed in the Windows Task Manager-Processes tab)
  • Windows User Account Control must be turned off during installation


  • Microsoft V.S.T.O. (Visual Studio Tools for Office) runtime 2010 must be installed
  • Microsoft V.S.T.O. runtime 3.0 must be installed


  • All Sage Intelligence users must have Full Control level permissions to the following areas:
  1. MAS90 parent directory (as is also normally required for Sage 100/MAS90)
  2. The Sage Intelligence Report Repository (set by users)
  3. All folders that begin with ‘BI’ and located in C:\Program Files(x86 if applicable)\Common Files\ (screenshot below reflects latest 2015 release, your install may have fewer folders starting with ‘BI’)
  • As with all permissions, if you have a group policy or domain, those settings must reflect the above requirements
  • If you are running in a terminal services or Citrix environment, please see the attached document

Report Repository

  • Must be set as a UNC path on a shared network drive (cannot browse through a Mapped Drive to select location either)


  • Make sure you are running a compatible version of Excel (Office 365 is not compatible; 64-bit versions of Excel are compatible with Sage 100 2014 and newer only)
  • V.B.A. components must be installed in Excel (run a repair/change install of Excel from Control Panel, see screen-shots below)

Article Courtesy of Sage