Launching Document Management for Zoho Projects powered by Zoho Docs

The Documents module in Zoho Projects just got a big boost. You can now create rich documents, spreadsheets and presentations right here and work on them collaboratively with your team. This update powered by Zoho Docs lets you do a lot more and here are some of the benefits.


Bring your team closer together

Here is a trend we see more and more when it comes to projects that are creative in nature: the best work gets done not through individual efforts, but by a group of people, collaboratively refining, reimagining and reinventing ideas. All the apps in the Docs suite come with several features that let such collaboration happen naturally. First and foremost, all these documents can be co-created; i.e. more than one person can work on them at the same time. You can chat with all the collaborators as you go, right within the document window. Getting feedback is easy; each letter in your text documents and each cell in your spreadsheets can be commented on. An inbuilt versioning system lets you view the changes a document has gone through, and if needed revert to an older version.

Stay Organized

You can create multilevel folders and sub-folders and add tags to keep your files classified. View reports on your documents such as revision history and share details. The access stats let you know if the people whom you have shared a document with have actually viewed it and this can be particularly useful when clients are involved. You can mark certain files as favorite to get back to them quickly. Some more ideas to better organize your files are here. 

Keep your team clued in… and everyone else tuned out

When you create or upload a project document, it is automatically shared to all in the project. This means your project members, and no one outside, would have access to it. This is an easy way to keep external stakeholders, like consultants and clients updatedon your progress. As it is stored in the Zoho Cloud, everyone can quickly and easily view the latest version without compromising on confidentiality or security.

Create compelling documents without leaving Projects

This update provides you a comprehensive suite of online document creation tools. Zoho Writer lets you create text documents, richly format them and add further appeal with images, tables and links. Zoho Sheet is our online spreadsheet application that organizes your data and assists you with the calculations involved in your projects. Create engaging presentations, be it a demo to your own team or for a wider audience, using Zoho Show. With this release, every user in every project has access to these powerful apps right from within Zoho Projects.


Sync with what’s happening outside

Sharing an external file with your team is just a single step process. Just upload files from your computer, or sync with a cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Exporting is a straightforward task too; a couple of clicks is all it takes to download a file to your computer. Each app in the suite, supports all major formats in its domain including pdf, docx, pptx, xlsx, epub, html, rtf, txt, csvand odt.

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