KnowledgeSync – How To Remove Pending Items


KnowledgeSync – How To Remove Pending Items


When you’re first working with KnowledgeSync, it’s easy enough to make mistakes; mistakes in query design, mistakes in the email configuration, and so on. And when an event encounters an error, that erroring record goes into a “Pending” state. And although a pending record will re-run successfully if the pending condition is corrected, sometimes the easiest (and quickest!) thing to do is to simply remove those “pending items” from the KnowledgeSync database. You can remove such items as pending email messages, pending reports, pending faxes, and so on.


Log into the KnowledgeSync Administrator module

Go to the “File” menu, click on “Database Tools”, and then choose “Remove Pending Items”.

Select all types of items you’d like removed, then click “Remove”.

A message appears confirming you want to remove click “Yes”.