How to Force Depreciation to Recalculate in Sage Fixed Assets?


  • How to force depreciation to recalculate?
  • How to change the current depreciation numbers?
  • How to enter an asset in the prior year without affecting the prior year numbers?
  • How to add old assets without affecting prior numbers?
  • How to change net book value?
  • How to manually override depreciation?
  • How to impair an asset?


Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions. If necessary, seek the assistance of a qualified Sage business partner, network administrator, or Sage customer support analyst.


Through use of the Beginning fields it is possible to force the desired depreciation numbers. Any values keyed into the BEG (Beginning) fields will automatically pull into the correct Current Depreciation fields.

  • Beginning Date: Enter the month and year for which depreciation has been calculated. (MM/YYYY).
  • Beginning YTD: Enter the Current YTD (Year to Date) Depreciation desired on the asset. The depreciation calculated in the Fiscal Year containing the BEG Date.
  • Beginning Accum: Enter the Current Accumulated Depreciation from the Placed-In Service date to the BEG Date.

NOTE: The Net Book Value (NBV) is still a calculated field. It can be forced to a desired value by entering the correct BEG Accum amount (NBV = Acquired Value – BEG Accum).


  • On reports: While the Current Accum and Current YTD (year to date) will show the amounts entered, the Depreciation This Run column will not include this adjusted amount. A journal entry will need be made to adjust the GL for this adjusted amount.
  • Forcing depreciation on assets that still have life, it may be necessary to change the depreciation method to RV (remaining value/remaining life). This will insure that the asset(s) will fully depreciate without a remainder. However, use of RV will negate any 168k allowance for assets using a bonus method, such as MA or SB.
  • Changing assets with existing BEG information will OVERWRITE the previous BEG information.
  • When running depreciation for a period prior to the Beginning Date this asset will not show on the report. The asset will continue calculating depreciation (if there is remaining life on the asset) starting the month following the Beginning Date entered.
  • When entering a beginning information for a particular period and running reports for the same period as the beginning date, the application will display the Beginning accum totals and the Beginning YTD totals. Nothing will be populated in the depreciation this run as the application is not doing a calculation.