Effective Ways for Tracking Employee Time

Tracking employee time is necessary to manage and maintain employees and business productivity. The benefits for tracking employee time includes: saving time, money, cutting costs, and improving operations. 

Advantages of Tracking Employee Time

Here are 7 quick tips on why you should track your employees time:

Increase Profitability

    • Accurately track time 
    • See where your money and time is going
    • Monitor project budgets
    • Re-prioritize tasks that aren’t paying off

Bill and Pay Accurately

    • Set clear goals for everyone
    • Removes confusion regarding tasks to complete
    • See who did what and for how long

Set Clear Objectives

    • Employees know what they are working on
    • Customize so employees can only view assigned tasks

Increase Productivity

    • Allows teams to stay on task
    • See where daily hiccups may be
    • Use insight to create strategies
    • Work schedules created by job requirements
    • Work schedules created by employee availability/eligibility

Manage Projects Better

    • Provides insights on employee behaviors
    • Shows how long it takes for task completion
    • Prioritization for future projects and team capacity

Provide Transparency

    • Team members can log hours
    • Holds team members accountable

Communicate Progress Better

    • Accessible and easy communication between team members
    • Update progress for tasks

Is Time Tracking for Everyone?

Time tracking is meant for everyone and can be used by anyone, but it benefits different groups and businesses uniquely!

Here are few examples:

Law Firms

  • Deals with a lot of clients
  • Firms can properly bill clients and draft invoices
  • Track productivity
  • Pay their members in a timely manner

Project Managers

  • Determine who completes specific tasks
  • See how long tasks take to complete
  • Analyze who is the most efficient worker
  • See specialized skills from employees
  • Assign tasks based on employee efficiency and skills 

Freelancers & Consultants

  • Billing each client for correct amount of time
  • Log timesheets for each client
  • Stay efficient between tasks and clients
  • Send out invoices
  • Provides insight on how long certain services take
  • Provides better cost analysis

Small/Startup Businesses

  • Balance ever-changing team members
  • Maintain unique work schedules
  • Keeping tabs becomes a whole lot easier
  • No longer dealing with manual timesheets


  • Track tight deadlines for clients
  • Accurately pay team members
  • Create accurate invoices