Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance solutions help you to collect and organize your employee time.

A time and attendance solution can improve both efficiency and accuracy in time reporting and management. It helps automate manual time tracking, reduce the risk of errors, and payroll mistakes. There are several ways employees could clock in. Some options are from facial recognition,┬ábiometric scan, a mobile phone, or swipe clock. This will gather the information quickly so you could make better decisions. If you have employees in remote locations, you’ll have the ability to effectively manage employee time and attendance regardless of where they are.

Benefits of using Time and Attendance Software

Simple Scheduling

Allow supervisors to quickly build shifts and schedules for their employees.

Eliminate errors

Calculations done automatically reducing risk of errors.

Time Tracking

Easily and efficiently track your employee time.

Dynamic Management

Easily manage your time and attendance data and employee profiles.

Work environment

Track employee time from home, the workplace, multiple locations, and more.

Improved bottom lime

Eliminate buddy punching and time theft.

Time and Attendance Solutions