Sage 100 IM Multi-Currency

Sage 100 IM Multi-Currency is invaluable for any international or multi-national company. All Inventory Reports have been modified to allow printing in any currency. This module fully integrates with the Multi-Currency/International Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable modules, and it must be used with the Multi-Currency/International General Ledger module. This is a member of the DSD Multi-Currency system for Sage 100 (MAS 90, MAS 200).

The I/M Multi-Currency enhancement provides the Sage 100 (MAS 90, MAS 200) user with the ability to set up a different price and cost for each item per Currency. You may also set up price levels in different currencies, by item or customer, and print reports in any currency using any exchange rate. This enhancement is essential for any company quoting and making sales in more than one currency.

  • Setup Inventory Items Prices per Currency: Set up a different Price for the same Item for each Currency.
  • Setup Inventory Items Costs per Currency: Set up a different Cost for the same Item for each Currency.
  • Setup Inventory Item Pricing Breaks per Currency by Item or Customer: Set up Price Levels by Item or Currency basing the calculation on the Price setup for that Item in the Currency being set up.
  • Enter Inventory Transactions in System Currency: All Transaction Entry is performed and posted to General Ledger in System Currency.
  • Print Reports in Any Currency: Print any report in System or Other Currency, using As Posted or Current Amounts, in either Buy, Sell, or an Override Rate.

These reports are modified for the Multi-Currency Inventory Management for Sage 100 module:

  • Transaction Journal
  • Daily Transaction Register
  • Inventory Item Listing
  • Inventory Label Printing
  • Inventory Price List
  • Inventory Stock Status Report
  • Inventory Reorder Report
  • Inventory Valuation Report
  • Inventory Turnover Report
  • Inventory Sales Analysis
  • Inventory Sales History Report
  • Inventory Issue History Report
  • Detail Transaction Report
  • Trial Balance Report
  • General Ledger Posting Recap
  • Foreign Price Cost Listing
  • Foreign Item Pricing Information