“A Receipt in another Receipt Register is currently referencing the same Purchase Order”

Error: “A receipt in another Receipt register currently being processed is referencing the same purchase order as a receipt in this register. Run this register again when the other process is complete” in an Error Log, after printing the Purchase Order Receipt of Goods or Receipt of Invoice Register in Sage 100

Backup Warning

Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions.


This appears to happen when the PO option to “Allow Qty Received or Invoiced to Exceed Qty Ordered” is turned on, a Receipt of Goods is processed for a quantity exceeding the quantity ordered is being updated for the second time if there are temporary work files that are stranded from a previous update attempt of the Receipt of Goods Register. This leaves left-over records in PO_ReceiptVarianceCalculation from the interrupted update. The workaround is to delete records created by that update DFDM (use source journal and register no to determine which records should be deleted).

1. Go to Library Master, Utilities, Data File Display and Maintenance (DFDM)

2. Browse to MAS_xxx / POxxx / PO_ReceiptVarianceCalculation.M4T

3. Keyscan look-up / locate the record for that Purchase Order

4. Delete the record / Close DFDM

5. Library Master, Utilities, Rebuild Sort Files

6. Select the Purchase Order module and applicable Company Code

7. Click Proceed

8. Retry the update

If this does not resolve the issue, manually Reinitialize the PO_ReceiptVarianceCalculation.M4T file and try again.

1. Navigate using Windows Explorer to the ..\MAS90\MAS_XXX\POXXX folder and rename the PO_ReceiptVarianceCalculation.m4t file (i.e.: change .m4t to .old )

2. Go to Library Master, Utilities, Reinitialize Data Files

3. Select the Company Code and click Manual button

4. Under file name, type PO_ReceiptVarianceCalculation.m4t and press TAB button. Make sure PO Receipt Variance Calculation name appears.

5. Click Proceed.

6. Retry the update.