Sage 100 AP Joint Vendor Check

Sage 100 AP Joint Vendor Check (APJC) allows Accounts Payable Checks to be printed with two payees. This is extremely useful for general contractors whose vendors are using a “funds control” account, and for checks that must be made jointly to the subcontractor and the subcontractor’s material supplier. This enhancement is also useful in the case where a check simply needs to be made to a third party. This can be accomplished by setting up another form in Accounts Payable Invoicing with only the second Payee printed on the check. The Joint Vendor Checks enhancement allows the Accounts Payable user to:
  • Enter Joint Payee names and to modify the Mailing Address duringAccounts Payable Check Maintenance. Split a single invoice up among several checks (to the same vendor) in the same check run.
  • Joint Vendor Name and Address information is posted to the Monthly Checks Register File, where it is available to Report Master for custom reporting purposes.
  • APJC is integrated with the Job Cost and Purchase Order modules. The APJC works whether these modules are installed or not.