Sage 100: How to print MICR fonts on checks in Sage 100 versions 2013 and higher


How to print MICR fonts on checks in Sage 100 versions 2013 and higher Or, after upgrade, MICR fonts do not print on checks in Sage 100 versions 2013 and later


Sage 100 2013 and later use Crystal Reports 2011, which requires TrueType fonts, an outline font standard developed by Apple and Microsoft.


Note: It is up to you to customize your check forms to make use of a MICR check font. MICR fonts (and other fonts) may be purchased or obtained from third-party vendors, such as Adobe. Sage Customer Support does not assist with purchase, installation, or implementation. (See the Related Resources section below for more information.) However, installing the Federal and State eFiling and Reporting that comes with Sage 100 versions 2013 (and higher) will also install a TrueType MICR font. If you wish to use the MICR font that comes with Federal and State eFiling and Reporting for your own check printing purposes, then:
  1. From the Sage 100 installation menu, Click Productivity Applications and select Install Federal and State eFiling and Reporting
    • Note: The Sage 100 installation files are obtained after downloading the file from the Sage Knowledgebase, then extracting.
    • Note: This procedure will install an Aatrix MICR True Type Font on the specific workstation, which can be used for Check Printing from that workstation
  2. Edit the Check form by Right Clicking the @MICR field on the check and select format field (Note: Crystal Reports Xi must be installed on the machine in order to edit the check form)
  3. Open the Font tab and change font to Aatrix MICR font – it will be listed with a MICR symbol followed by the word Aatrix
If you do not have the Sage 100 installation files, please do the following:
  1. Browse to the ..\MAS90\Wksetup folder and right click on Autorun.exe and select to Run as Administrator
  2. Select Install Federal and State eFiling and Reporting
  3. Proceed with Step 2 & 3 above
If issue still persists, verify MICR printing is enabled:
  1. Open Common InformationMain menu, Bank Code Maintenance
  2. Select applicable Bank Code from look up
  3. Click the MICR button
  4. Type the alphabet letter equivalent into the Check Prefix or Check Suffix field as desired
Note: If your bank requires the MICR font to print after the account number, you must type the applicable alphabet letter before and after the account number in Bank Code Maintenance. Example:


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.