Move a Task from One Project to Another in Zoho Projects

Possible Resolution

Have you ever accidentally created a task in the wrong project? Learn how to move a task from one project to another in Zoho Projects.

  1. Choose a project from the Recent Projects section or the Projects tab in the left navigation panel.
  2. Select on the Tasks tab in the top band.
  3. Click on Gear Icon in the upper-right corner and click Move.
  4. Next, choose a task list to move the task to and then click Move. The task is moved to the new task list.
  5. Then select Choose from Completed Task Lists to move to a task list that has been marked complete.
  6. Tasks can also be moved to another project.
  7. Finally, click on Move to Another Project and select a project. Choose the required task list and then click Move. The task is moved to a new project.