How to Share Projects With a Client User in Zoho Project

Whether you’re a public or private company, clients and external users want to see honesty, transparency, and results. A great way to show that a project is going well is to create client users in Zoho Project, and share your project status with clients.

In this tutorial, we’ll go over the steps to create client users in Zoho Projects. Share your project status with clients, auditors, stockholders, or anyone who may have an interest in your project status!

  1. Before we grant access to the client user to our project’s task list, please keep this in mind:
    Once a task list is marked as “External”, a client user will have view, add, and edit access to the task list (by default).
  2. To ensure that a client cannot edit tasks, please follow the instructions for “How to Change View/Add/Edit Privileges for a Client User” first, and then follow the instructions for “How to Share a Project With a Client User.”
  3. First, please ensure that you are logged into a Zoho Projects account with the ability to change Task List Flags (for example, an admin account).
  4. Next, click on “Tasks” in the left sidebar.
  5. Select the cog-shaped Settings icon next to the Task List you wish to share with client users.
  6.  Next, select “Edit” from the drop-down menu
  7. Finally, change the Task List Flag to “External,” and select the “Update” button to save.

Next Steps

Once you follow the above steps to flag the project as External, the client will receive immediate view/edit access to the project’s tasks (by default). By default, while the client will not be able to add or delete projects, they’ll be able to change and update existing projects.

If you’d like to remove read, write, or delete access to the project’s tasks, please follow these instructions to change the client’s view/edit/delete privileges.