How to Remove Pending Emails in Sage Alerts


  • Removing Pending Items from Database
  • Removing Completed Items from Database
  • Data Extracting
  • External Message Editing
  • Command-Line Event Submission

KnowledgeSync and Application Tools & Utilities

Removing Pending Items from Database

    • When you’re first working with KnowledgeSync, it’s easy enough to make mistakes; in query design, in the email configuration, and so on.
    • You can remove such items as pending email messages, pending reports, pending faxes, and so on.
      • Log into the KnowledgeSync Administrator module
      • Go to the “File” menu
      • Click on “Database Tools”
      • Choose “Remove Pending Items”.

Removing Completed Items from Database

  • This lets you remove the history of checked and triggered events from the KnowledgeSync database. It can be done automatically at a certain time within the day
    • Go to the Admin module
    • Click “File”
    • Click “Database Tools”, then look for a button called “Automate this task
  • It can also be done manually 

Data Extracting from Database

  • This is a great tool for querying data in an application with a database or ODBC driver that is a bit slower than usual
  • The Data Extractor extracts selected tables of data from such a database
  • Replicates it in a Microsoft Access format
  • Then lets you run your KnowledgeSync events off of that “Access-ized” data

External Message Editing

  • This is very helpful for people who want to create their own message templates and use that template to send mailing toa whole group of clients, prospects, or partners.
  • Configure your KnowledgeSync so that a person can create/edit the text of KnowledgeSync alert messages without having to log in to the Knowledge Sync Application

Command-Line Event Submission

  • You can submit a KnowledgeSync event for execution from outside of the Knowledge Sync application. You can execute from the command line, or form within an external program, such as from within another software application