How to print a purchase requisition immediately after posting it on Sage 300 Purchase Orders


  1. In the Requisition Entry screen, click Post while the purchase requisition is displayed.  When Purchase Orders is finished posting, it displays a message asking whether to print the requisition.
  2. Click Yes.  Purchase Orders opens the P/O Requisitions print screen, selecting the requisition you just posted.
  3. In the Use Requisition field, select the report format to use to print the requisition. You can
    accept the default format that appears, or click the Browse button to select a different one.
    (Purchase Orders displays the format that you last used for printing requisitions.)  Purchase Orders ships with three standard formats for printing requisitions:
    • PORQN01.RPT—for printing on blank paper.
    • PORQN02.RPT—for printing on preprinted forms.
    • PORQN03.RPT—an alternative format for printing on blank paper that includes optional
  4. Click Print.
    • Tip: If you are printing the purchase requisition on a printer, you can click the Align button to print a sample copy of the requisition to check that the information prints in the right places on preprinted forms. If the sample form does not line up correctly, ensure that you have correctly inserted the forms in the printer.