How to Look Up Pending Transactions for a Customer in Accounts Receivable for Sage 300

To view a list of transactions that are pending for a customer:

  1. Open Accounts Receivable > A/R Customers > Customer Inquiry.
  2. In the Customer No. field, enter the customer number, and then press Tab.
    Important! If you are looking up pending miscellaneous receipts for an unspecified customer, leave the Customer No. field blank.
  3. If your Accounts Receivable ledger is multicurrency, in the Amounts In field, specify whether to display amounts in the customer’s currency or in your company’s functional currency.
  4. Click the Pending tab, and then:
    • In the Transaction Type field, select the type of documents you want to view.
      The Pending tab can list all types of transactions that have been entered for customer, but which are not yet posted, including adjustments, apply document transactions, and write-offs.
    • In the Order By field, specify the order in which to list transactions. You can list transactions in order by one of the following attributes:
      • Document Number
      • Transaction Date
      • PO Number
      • Order Number
      • Shipment Number
      • Check/Receipt Number
      • Transaction Type/Batch/Entry Number

      If you select Order Number, PO Number, or Shipment Number in the Order By field, transactions that do not include an order number, PO number, or shipment number are listed:

      • In ascending document number order, before transactions that include an order number, PO number, or shipment number, if you display the list in ascending order.
      • In descending document number order, after transactions that include an order number, PO number, or shipment number, if you display the list in descending order.
    • Click the Go button, or press the F7 key, to display pending transaction that match your selections.
      Tip: Click the Go button whenever you change the display options on this tab.
    • Click the Refresh button to update the display with recent changes that you or other users may have entered since you selected the current customer. (The Refresh button is at the bottom left corner of the screen.)
    • To view more information about a particular transaction, you select (highlight) the line in the top table, and then you can:
      • Drill down to view the transaction in the original entry screen. See “Drilling Down from Customer Inquiry to a Transaction Entry” (page 115).
      • Open the Document Inquiry screen to view all the information available for the document in Accounts Receivable. See “Opening Document Inquiry from
        Customer Inquiry” (page 114).
    • Use the table at the bottom the Pending tab to review distribution details for the document you selected.