What needs to be configured to allow Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud (SIRC) to run externally in Sage 300 Web Screens?

The following steps needs to be performed to access SIRC in Sage 300 Web Screen by using a public URL:

  1. Ensure Sage 300 and SIRC are both functioning on the server.
  2. Stop IIS on the server.
  3. Find and backup the exsiting file Sage.CA.SBS.ERP.Sage300.OAuth.dll normally located in c:\Program Files(x86)\Sage\Sage300ERP\Online\OAuth\Bin folder.
  4. Download the file Sage.CA.SBS.ERP.Sage300.OAuth.zip from the Attachments section of this article and unzip it.
  5. Copy the unzipped file the into the folder c:\Program Files(x86)\Sage\Sage300ERP\Online\OAuth\Bin.
  6. Find the Web.config file normally in the c:\Program Files(x86)\Sage\Sage300ERP\Online\OAuth folder.
  7. Open the Web.config file with Notepad.
  8. Find the line </appSettings>.
  9. Insert this key in a new line above </appSettings>: <add key=”redirectHosts” value=”localhost “/>.
  10. Add the external host name in the value field and separated it with comma e.g. <add key=”redirectHosts” value=”localhost,sage300demo.sageasiapac.com”/>
  11. Save the file.
  12. Restart IIS.