How to Add Detail Using the Accounts Receivable Detail Accounts/Taxes Screen in Sage 300

To add a detail using the A/R Detail Accounts/Taxes screen:

  1. After filling out header information for a document on the A/R Invoice Entry screen, click the Account/Tax button to open the A/R Detail Accounts/Taxes screen.
  2. Beside the Line Number field, click the New button.
  3. Enter the item number (for item invoices), distribution code, description, amount, and other information for the detail. Also, depending on the type of invoice, you can change the following accounts:
    • For item invoices:
      • Revenue.
      • Inventory.
      • Cost of goods sold.
      • For summary invoices, you can change only the revenue account.
  4. Enter or edit the tax information for the detail.
    If you are entering an invoice with taxes calculated automatically, you can change only the tax class for the detail.
    If you are entering an invoice for which you are entering taxes manually, you can change the tax class, tax base, and tax amount for the detail.
  5. Click Add.
    Note: You can also use the A/R Detail Accounts/Taxes screen to edit an existing detail. If you do this, you save your changes by clicking the Save button, which appears in place of the Add button