Error: "File XXXXXX not found" When Running a Visual Integrator Import Job


MAS90/MAS_SYSTEM/VI_JobLog.M4T is missing or damaged
Import job may have unneccesary Credit Card Fields (PY prefix)


  1. Rename the MAS90/MAS_SYSTEM/VI_JobLog.M4T file (If it exists)
  2. Restore the file from backup
  3. Manually reinitialize the file
    • Open Library Master, Reinitialize Data Files and click the Manual Button
    • Enter VI_JOBLOG.M4T in File Name field
    • Hit Enter and click Proceed button (This will create the file)
    •  Cancel or Close Reinitialize Data File Utility
    • Open ..\MAS90\MAS_System folder on Server to confirm VI_JOBLOG.M4T was created
        • Once the file exists in the ..\mas90\MAS_System folder on the server’s installation, you should no longer receive the error 12 when running the VI Job.

Note: On old versions of Sage 100, the file was created in MAS_XXX\VI folder where XXX= Company. If the file was created in this folder, copy the file to the ..\mas90\MAS_System folder on the server’s installation