Error: "462 The remote server machine does not exist or is not available"


When running a standard report from Sage Intelligence (E.G. the Financials Report 3-4) the user is presented with the following error:


Error 462 indicates a generic failure to communicate with Excel, causes can be:

  1. Cloud-based version of Office.
  2. Issues with the report template.
  3. Corruption in the Alchemex.svd file.
  4. Issue with the Excel install.
  5. Anti-virus or similar interfering with the repository folder or Sage Intelligence installation.


  1. Confirm that a cloud based version of Office is not in use (Office 365 is supported, but only locally installed versions. Sage Intelligence cannot communicate with Cloud versions of Microsoft Office).
  2.  Run report in Design mode and re-link to template:
    • Under the Home ribbon, click Design
    • This will launch the report template into Excel
    • Save and Link the template that was generated back to the report in question in Report Manager
    • Re-run the report as you normally do, check for issue
  3.  Run the Compact utility to repair the Alchemex.svd file. From Sage Intelligence Report Manager, go to:
    • File menu and push the Compact button.
    • Click Yes at the prompt to continue to compact your MetaData. (Click Yes if you get a pop-up Windows User Account Control prompt.)
    • Click the Compact SVD button, then click Yes.
  4. Complete a quick repair of the Excel install from the Windows Programs and Features menu. If issue continues, complete a full uninstall/reboot/reinstall of Excel.
  5. Check AV/firewall settings and exclusions. Confirm that Sage Intelligence and Repository folder are excluded from any scans or active protection settings. (Network repository location is found in Report Manager. Please see KB 103586 “How to replace BiCore.exe for Sage Intelligence” for locations of the Sage Intelligence program in different versions).