Earning or Deduction Missing in Payroll Calculation


Sage 300cloud


North America


Earnings or deductions are missing from an employee’s payroll calculation, as verified from the Pre-Check Payroll Register.


  1. Base Earnings may not have been selected on Deduction.
  2. Earnings or Deduction Code may not have been added to the Employee.
  3. Earning or Deduction may have reached an Annual or Lifetime Maximum limit.
  4. The Earning or Deduction may have expired, or been set to Calculate? “No” (disabled).
  5. The timecard may have become corrupted.
  6. Frequency may not have been selected.


  1. Ensure that the Base Earnings are setup on Deduction Codes that use Percentage of Base for Calculation.
  2. Ensure Earnings or Deduction Code is on the Employee record.
  3. Verify Annual and Lifetime Maximum limits on Employee account record.
  4. Verify Expiry Date, and Calculate? settings.
  5. Create a new timecard for pay period.
  6. Ensure that all necessary Frequencies are selected during Calculate payroll.