How to Create a Project Template in Zoho Projects

What is a Project Template?

In Zoho Projects, project templates are a fast and easy way to create a single project template that you can copy or re-use to create multiple projects.

For example, a marketing agency with multiple clients that make similar requests, such as the creation of an ecommerce website with Shopify integration, may have very similar project structures.

Instead of creating 5 individual projects for your clients, you can create a project template called “Ecommerce with Shopify Integration,” and use the same project template across all 5 clients. You can then tweak the individual projects to suit each individual client’s needs.

Let’s get started with creating your first project template in Zoho Projects!

How to Create a Project Template in Zoho Projects

Need help copying over your project templates in Zoho projects? There’s no need to copy your project templates with project templates.

Learn how to create a project template in Zoho Projects and save time for your team by reusing your project templates for clients with similar needs.

  1. Log into Zoho Projects.
  2.  Next, click on Projects in the left sidebar.
  3. Then select Project Templates from the dropdown filter menu.
  4. Next, click on the New Project Template button.
  5. Enter in a Project Template Name.
    Optional: If you’d like to make a copy of an existing project, then select a project from the dropdown menu under “Choose From Projects”.
  6. Then, click Add Project Template.
  7. Next, a notification will appear:
    “Creating a template from an existing project may take 2 to 3 minutes.”
  8. And you’re done! If you created your project successfully, your new project template will now appear in the left sidebar.
  9. If you selected another project as the model for your Project Template, you can check that all your Tasks were successfully transferred over. Find your project under the Recent Projects in the left sidebar, and click on it.
  10. Click on Tasks in the top navbar. All your tasks should be listed:
  11. Congratulations! Now you know how to create a project template to reuse on multiple projects. Instead of manually copying one project’s design to another, you can now create a single project template to be used across as many projects and clients as you wish.