How to Auto Assign Batch Numbers when Importing Data Entry Files with Visual Integrator in Sage 100


How to automatically assign the next Batch number, when using Visual Integrator to import into Data Entry Files in Sage 100

Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup before proceeding with advanced solutions.


Note: The H.BatchNo field is not automatically added to the Data tab in a new Visual Integrator import job, as not all data entry tasks are set up to enable Batch Entry in their respective modules. If this field is added to VI import job, then a batch number must be provide via Assign from the source file, or the Visual Integrator import job can auto-assign the next available batch number.


  1. Add the field H.BatchNo to the Data tab in the VI import job.
  2. Select the following in the import field properties:
    • Operation: Assign
    • Default: (Leave Empty
Note: Batch number 00000 will be created if selecting the option to run TEST. The Next batch number will be assigned when the import job is actually executed.

Note: This method will not work when importing Payroll Data Entry on Sage 100 2018 and higher