Zoho Workerly

Zoho Workerly for Temporary Staffing

Zoho Workerly’s employee scheduling software enables agencies to manage their client and temp database, schedule jobs based on client requirements, generate timesheets, and send out invoices all within a single interface.

Say goodbye to manual searches

Zoho Workerly’s AI-powered search automatically matches a list of temps to a job based on given criteria, saving you the time normally spent on finding candidates for your client. You can then place temps faster by communicating better with both the candidates and clients through effective communication .

Job requisition from client

Assess the scope of your client's job to assign the right temps with the right skills. Everything else will fall into place.

Assign workers

Schedule or reschedule jobs quickly by creating a list of matching temps using Criteria Search.

Track timesheets

Automatically calculate work hours put in by your temp workers at your client's location.

Send invoices to clients

Record the number of hours your temp has put in on a project and then send your client an invoice for approval.

Why Zoho Workerly

Empower your temporary workforce and build a large network of countless happy clients.

Happy temps for the long-term

Empower your temps by getting consent from them upon assigning jobs. Temps can accept or reject the job in their temp portal or via a link shared over email or SMS.

Paperless timesheet management

Build daily, weekly, or monthly timesheets as you need them. Eliminate manual record maintenance by switching to e-timesheets. Maintain an organized database of all your temps while automatically calculating and tracking their work hours at your client locations.

No more pending invoices

Generate invoices when a job is completed to ensure timely payment of your temps along with faster completion of jobs. With Zoho Workerly’s built-in Zoho Books integration, enter your client details and select the respective job. That’s it!

Your work, in your palm.

Empower your temp workers with our Workerly mobile application. Enable temps to accept jobs, create digital timesheets, clock in their time— all right from their mobile devices.

A Permanent Solution for Temporary Staffing

Manage your staffing pipeline with powerful and customizable hiring workflows. Deliver better personnel in less time with the help of a cloud solution that understands your clients’ needs.