The Integration between Zoho People and QuickBooks Online aims to improve the process of measuring the productivity of your employees and the understanding of project costs and benefits. 


Tracking time for jobs done can go a long way in measuring productivity of employees. Using Timesheet, you can also get an understanding of the Project costs and budgets. Apart from this, Timesheet is also integrated with QuickBooks. 

Here's what the Timesheet and QuickBooks Integration can do for you:

  • Approved Timesheets will be pushed as Time Activity or as Time Charge

  • Bills generated in Zoho People can be pushed as an Invoice into QuickBooks

Steps to Integrate QuickBooks with Zoho People

  1. From your Zoho People home page, go to Settings > Integration > Others > QuickBooks
  2. Click Configure under QuickBooks
  3. Click on the Connect to QuickBooks button to complete authorization
  1. By doing so, you will be redirected to QuickBooks Online Sign-in page.
  2. Enter your QuickBooks credentials to proceed with the integration.
  3. QuickBooks is now configured successfully with Zoho People and you will be able to push your Time logs and Bills to your QuickBooks online account.
  4. Note: When you integrate with QuickBooks from Zoho People, you will have to ensure that you select the right organization with which you want to connect with Zoho People. All activities like pushing of invoice or pushing of time logs will be done only to the selected organization.

Generating Invoices from QuickBooks

Once you have a bill generated in Zoho People, you can follow the steps given below to push the bill to QuickBooks and get an invoice generated for the same.

  1. From your home page, go to Timesheet > Reports > Billing.
  2. Go to the bill that needs to be pushed and click on the QuickBooks icon.

Pushing Time Logs to QuickBooks

Once you have the timesheet generated and approved, you can push the approved time logs of the timesheets into QuickBooks.

  1. From your home page, go to Timesheet > Timesheets > My Timesheets
  2. Click and go to the Timesheet that needs to be pushed for bill generation
  3. Click on Push to QuickBooks

View List of Approved Timelogs

You will be able to the list of all approved Time Logs. 

  1. From your home page, go to Timesheet > Reports > Integration Report
  2. From the drop-down select QuickBooks Report
  3. Click the filter to refine your search based on Clients, Projects, Jobs Status, etc.
  4. Click the QuickBooks icon to push the approved time logs as Time Activity in QuickBooks

Note: Once the approved time logs are pushed, you will be able to view them in QuickBooks as shown in the image below.