Shopify Inventory Management Software

Zoho Inventory Shopify Integration

Integrate your Shopify store with Zoho Inventory to automate inventory management in your online store and save your valuable time.

How does the Zoho Inventory Shopify integration work?

Who is this for?

Business owners

who want to set up an online store and start selling their merchandise.


who are looking for a software to manage inventory and multi-channel sales.

Service-based business

who are planning to take their expertise online and reach more customers.

What does the Zoho Inventory Shopify Integration offer?

Intuitive dashboard:

The central dashboard in our application assimilates business information ranging from sales activity to product summary and gives you a quick snapshot of the business health.

Product bundling:

Try out different combinations and fine-tune your bundles for the best effect on your sales and customer satisfaction.

Product bundling:

New items added in Shopify store gets automatically mapped in Zoho Inventory. When a sale is made a sales order and contact gets automatically created.

Multi-location warehouse:

If you have specific warehouses assigned to different locations, then you can track the stock level of items in each warehouse with Zoho Inventory.

Smooth order fulfillment:

With more than 30 shipping integrations, you can fulfill orders from your customers even if it is placed halfway across the world. Also, with AfterShip, you can send live notifications to your customer about every movement of the package after it has been dispatched from your store.

Track and re-order:

Track the movement for each item with Serial number tracking or expiration date for an entire lot with batch tracking feature. Also, you can set re-order point to get notified when the stock level falls low.

We have partnered with the best shipping carriers around the world.

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