WindX Client Connection: Access to application 'Sage 100 ERP' is denied


User is getting the following Error when launching Sage 100 “WindX Client Connection: Access to application ‘MAS 200 Link’ is denied.”, “WindX Client Connection: Access to application ‘Sage 100 ERP Link’ is denied.”, or “WindX Client Connection: Access to application ‘Sage 100 Link’ is denied.” (depending on version of Sage 100 Advanced/Premium).

Note: this error message may not close when clicking “OK”.
This error may also appear when launching Sage 100 tasks within CRM such as Maintain Relationship or New Order/New Quote.
This error may occur using CRM Quick Order Entry.


This is a ProvideX Server Application Error.

  • The error may be caused from a misconfigured Application Server Configuration or possible corruption to the Application Server related files.

If the error appears when launching Sage 100 tasks within CRM:

  • Error has also been reported when using CRM Quick Order Entry and the Sage 100 Application Server service is running on a different machine from CRM install or on a different port than the default port 10000
        • issue is the web.xml file under CRM install location in \tomcat\webapps\richwebclient_swt\WEB-INF\
        • See “How to install Sage 100 ERP Quick Order Entry for Sage CRM” under Related Resources for more information on editing the web.xml file


Incorrect or incomplete settings in the Application Server Configuration:

  1. Launch the Sage Application Server Configuration program from the Sage menu in Start menu
      • Example: Start menu, All Programs, Sage, Sage 100 ERP xxxx (version), Application Server Configuration
  2. In the Application Server Configuration settings check the following:
      • On the Apps Tab- If the Deny checkbox is selected next to the Sage 100 ERP and Sage 100 ERP Link (or MAS 200 and MAS 200 Link)
          • Uncheck the Deny checkbox
          • Click Apply
          • Go to the Server Tab
          • Click Start to restart the Application Server application (if running as an application) OR start the windows service Sage 100 ERP Advanced version (xxxxx) [xxxxx = port]
      • If blank, incorrect, or missing Sage 100 ERP or Sage 100 ERP Link
          • Correct or add the information

On the Servers tab

  1. Make sure there is only one server in the drop-down menu and the correct server is selected (SAGE)
  2. If an incorrect server is selected, you may need to:
      • Select Stop on the incorrect Server setting
      • Select Start on the correct Server setting (or start the appropriate Sage 100 ERP Advanced Application Server service)

If the above does not correct the situation, files may be corrupt:

Replace Locate.pvk and Sessions.pvk files:

  1. Have all users exit Sage 100 ERP and use task manager to stop all Pvxwin32.exe tasks on the server
  2. If running as a service, stop the Application Server service: Sage 100 ERP Advanced version (xxxxx) [xxxxx = port]
      • Sage 100 ERP Advanced 2013 (10000), for example
  3. If running as an application, stop the Application Server then close the Application Server Configuration program
  4. On the Sage 100 ERP server, browse to the ..\MAS90\Home\Lib\_appserv\ folder
      • Rename the following files: Locate.pvk & Sessions.pvk
  5. If running as a service: Restart the Sage 100 ERP Advanced version (xxxxx) [xxxxx = port] service
  6. Start the Application Server Configuration program
  7. Check the Servers tab settings to confirm they are correct
  8. If running Application Server as an application then click Start on the Servers tab to start the application (if correct server name displayed).
      • The Locate.pvk and Sessions.pvk files are automatically recreated

If an error occurs when using CRM Quick Order Entry:

Update the web.xml file under CRM install location in \tomcat\webapps\richwebclient_swt\WEB-INF\

  • Specific to the error, here is the section to change:
        • <param-name>default server program</param-name>
        • <param-value>Sage 100 Link</param-value>

This is the application server program to execute when starting a new session. On older versions the value of this parameter will be “MAS 200 Link” or “Sage 100 ERP Link”. Check the Application Server, Apps tab and look for the link name “Sage 100 ERO Link”, “MAS200 Link”, or “Sage 100 Link”. Changing the Web.xml file to match the Application Server app” will fix the error “access denied” when launching CRM Quick Order Entry.

Also check the following:

  • Sage 100 Application Server name – if Sage 100 and CRM are installed on different machines then the server name must be entered – default is localhost
      • <param-name>pvx host name</param-name>
      • <param-value>localhost</param-value>
  • Sage 100 Application Server port- default is 10000, if different port is used then it must be updated below:
      • <param-name>pvx host socket</param-name>
      • <param-value>10000</param-value>
  • You may also need to check the following paths to the ProvideX executable and directory.
      • <param-name>integrated exe</param-name>
      • <param-value>C:\Sage\Sage 100 Advanced\MAS90\Home\pvxwin32.exe</param-value>
      • <param-name>integrated dir</param-name>
      • <param-value>C:\Sage\Sage 100 Advanced\MAS90\Home</param-value>