Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Actionable Insights from day one

Sage Enterprise Intelligence provides users with a business intelligence solution that is intuitive and simple to use. Users benefit from accessing real-time information in a self-sufficient manner. The tight and secure integration of Sage Enterprise Intelligence with your Sage business management solution ensures data integrity and the reliability of critical business information.

Sage X3 is the best combination of functionality, technology and value for mid-sized enterprises. A proven and comprehensive business management solution addressing your specific requirements and challenges in industries from manufacturing and services, to distribution and many more.

With presence in more than 100 countries, Sage X3 is Sage Group’s global enterprise business management solution.

Too Much Data

A common problem for mid-sized enterprises is their inability to transform the big amount of data they get from their business management solutions into deliverable, ready-to-use insights which can impact their business and profitability.
Organizations without a Business Intelligence or business analysis solution in place might find themselves drowning in data.
Business Intelligence is the forge that helps transform your management system´s transactional data into meaningful information, and distribute it to the business users that need insight to direct their actions.
1 %
Inaccurate data

of mid-sized enterprises agree that too many decisions are based on inaccurate or incomplete data

1 %
Information On-Demand

of business decision makers at mid-sized companies don’t always have information available when they need it. This results in late decisions based on inaccurate data

Outcomes of using Analytics

The right analytical approach can produce substantial and 
repeatable business outcomes across your whole organization.


  • Less barriers to crossfunctional data exchange
  • -10% year over year increase in operating margin


  • 99% budgeting accuracy
  • 96% forecasting accuracy
  • 94% financial fillings on-time


  • A more proficient sales force
  • Shorten average sales cycle by 7%
  • Increase of achieving quota by 6%


  • Receive 95% of the inbound orders from suppliers in budget and on-time


  • 22% greater reduction in inventory turnaround
  • Deliver 95% of the outbound orders to customers complete and on-time
  • 7.5% decrease on out-of-stock frequency

Production Manager

  • 87% rate of overall equipment effectiveness

Introducing Sage Enterprise Intelligence


Sage Enterprise Intelligence is an intuitive Business Intelligence solution integrated with Sage ERP solutions to help business users reduce time spent on analysis and reporting, and make faster, better-informed decisions.


It empowers all users with a simple tool to access and analyze data in a self-sufficient manner, which eliminates the need for disparate tools and specialized skills.


The tight and secure integration of Sage Enterprise Intelligence with Sage ERP solutions ensures the reliability of critical business information, provides business users with coherent insight on real-time enterprise data, supports coherent decision-making and fosters continuous cross functional improvement.

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