Sage 300 Integration for Salesforce

Think Outside the Box

Integrate Sage 300 with Salesforce to establish a relationship between Customers, Sales Orders, and Products within Salesforce seamlessly to transform your company into a customer-centric and efficient organization.

Integration provides the following features with Sage 300:

  • Real-Time Bi-Directional update
  • Multi-Company/Folder Integration
  • Single View of Customer Information (Order, Shipment & Invoice)
  • Promote SO from Salesforce to Sage on a real-time basis

The product gives a Customer-Centric environment with increased data accuracy.

Major benefits of integrating:

  • Manage Data Consistency and avoid de-duplication across Back Office and Front Office for a complete Business process.
  • Unified Customer Focused key information within Salesforce for better decision making.
  • Drive profitability and employee productivity through seamless Order Entry processes from within Salesforce with complete accounting rules and business logic of Sage 300.
  • Import Sage 300 Any Entity into SalesForce
  • Link/Unlink existing Salesforce accounts with Sage 300 data
  • Promote Salesforce account as a Sage 300 Customer real-time and vice-versa
  • Promote Sales Order from Salesforce to Sage 300 real-time


  • 360° View and Access to Sage 300 data for Customers
  • Synchronize any entity from Sage 300 to Salesforce
  • Promote Order and Customer from Salesforce to Sage 300

Salesforce Sage 300 Integration Brochure