Sage 300 Intercompany Transactions

Intercompany Transactions
The Sage 300 Intercompany Transactions module allows you enter General Ledger and Accounts Payable transactions that affect more than one company by automatically distributing transactions across two or more companies. In addition, its built-in flexibility automatically generates intercompany loan account entries according to user-defined relationship tables called routes. Intercompany Transactions simplifies and significantly reduces the amount of work required for intercompany accounting.

Intercompany Transactions allows you to create and distribute transactions across multiple companies. The program provides the following features and benefits:

  • Entry of intercompany General Ledger journals and intercompany Accounts Payable invoices, credit notes, debit notes, or interest charges.
  • Multilevel routes between companies, so there can be any number of intermediate companies between the originating company (the originator) and the ultimate destination company.
  • An unlimited number of routes between any two companies. You choose the route at the time a transaction is entered.
  • Transaction references and descriptions to provide a detailed audit trail for reconciliation purposes. In addition, the system includes comprehensive batch listings, batch status reports and posting journals.
  • An extended description field on the G/L Transactions listing and a new G/L transaction inquiry screen. You can enter descriptions for each detail in ICT A/P and ICT G/L batches.
  • An intercompany loan account reconciliation report to identify loan accounts that do not agree.
  • Capacity for different companies to have different year-ends. The software automatically adjusts the period number as transactions are created in each company.
  • Full multicurrency support.
  • Full integration with Tax Services.
  • Support for 1099 (USA) and CPRS (Canada) reporting. If you have vendors who are subject to 1099 or CPRS reporting, you can enter this amount in the A/P Invoice Entry screen.