Sage 300 – Error: “Incorrect Procedure. Cannot post to future year.”


The following message appears when posting a General Ledger (GL) batch:

“Incorrect Procedure. Cannot post to future year.”


Journal entries cannot be posted to a date in advance of the Current Fiscal Year.

To verify the current fiscal year, go to the General Ledger, G/L Setup, Options window. Select the Posting tab and verify the Current Fiscal Year in the Posting Statistics area.

Subledger batches can be posted to future periods as long as the fiscal year has been created.


To create a new year in GL:

  1. Make sure that the new year is in Common Services, Fiscal Calendar
  2. Open General Ledger
  3. Click G/L Period Processing, then Create New Year.
  4. Read the Warning and instructions before clicking Process.
  5. Verify and Post the new GL batch “CLOSING ENTRIES for xxxx” in order to complete the Create New Year process.