Sage 100 Upgrade Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade

Sage 100 Upgrade

With the release of Sage 100 ERP 2013 (fka Sage MAS 90/200), Sage has released their Top 10 Reasons to upgrade from previous release versions to Version 4.4, from Version 4.4 to 4.5 and from Version 4.5 to Sage 100 ERP 2013.

Let’s take a look at the enhancements for those of you who have yet to make the jump to Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90/200) Version 4.4:

  1. Conveniently move up to the current release, and minimize the impact of upgrading, by using Parallel
    Migration to continue running your business on the existing system while your new 4.4 system is made ready.
  2. Lower the cost of personalizing your system with easier and more powerful methods of applying
    customizations that will not be impacted by upgrades to new versions.
  3. React more quickly to changes with greater insight into distribution, manufacturing, and purchasing with ondemand
    “ad-hoc” views into your business data.
  4. Increase employee productivity and reduce errors by adding unique identifying information in expanded customer and item number fields.
  5. Increase efficiencies of your system with easy-to download product updates
  6. Go green: Save money and the environment by utilizing Paperless Office capabilities to generate documents, email,
    fax, and efficiently store and retrieve them electronically.
  7. Save time and improve accuracy with a streamlined physical count process, default to your on-hand quantities
    so you only need to update items that have changes, and print inventory items on worksheets in the desired order.
  8. Streamline your tax reporting process for federal, state, unemployment, payroll, new hire, 1099s, and W-2s.
  9. Achieve greater employee productivity with personalization of data entry screens to match workflows
    for each role, quickly launch related tasks, attach related documents to records like electronic post-its that flow
    throughout the system, and set security by role—down to task level.
  10. Streamline your inventory processes with accurate data collection using enhancements in Bar Code—now use
    radio-frequency handhelds and incorporate user-defined fields (UDFs) such as expiration dates with serial or lot

For those of you on Sage 100 ERP Version 4.4, check out the top 10 reasons to upgrade to v4.5:

  1. Use National Account Management features and functionality to streamline your branch and corporate customer billing, and sales order processing while keeping unique accounts.
  2. Efficiently handle increasing complexities of payroll processing with new methods of deduction calculations, benefits accruals, and recalculations.
  3. Beat the competition with flexible pricing set by combinations of totals, items, groups, and by customers.
  4. Allocate products by lot and serial numbers; reserve limited-quantity products for loyal customers or to match previous shipments.
  5. Improve cash flow with streamlined purchase orders created from sales orders.
  6. Flexibly track and bill for work-in-progress using enhanced Job Cost processing.
  7. Reward your sales teams with automatic split commissions.
  8. Choose to migrate to Sage 100 Premium ERP for more efficiency, scalability, and flexibility.
  9. Utilize one FREE Sage CRM user and server license to communicate more effectively, collaborate better internally, and compete in today’s marketplace.
  10. Establish Reporting Tree structures in Sage 100 ERP Business Intelligence, ranging from simple to sophisticated hierarchies, and use the new distribution features to automatically provide information to key team members.

And lastly for those customers on Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90/200) Version 4.5, look at the great new enhancements for Sage 100 ERP 2013:

  1. Reduce time navigating through your system using Visual Process Flows, which you can customize for your business, and by user role.
  2. Simplify the process of matching vendor invoices by using expanded Accounts Payable Invoice Number field.
  3. Experience increased flexibility of credit card processing through Sage Exchange including card-swipe capabilities, charges for repetitive invoices and Accounts Receivable invoices, and more.
  4. Efficiently designate customers and vendors as Inactive without losing historical information.
  5. Streamline bank reconciliation by viewing relevant bank information in convenient places, such as cleared checks in Accounts Payable Vendor Maintenance.
  6. Easily design new reports and modify existing ones using new Intelligence Reporting Report Designer enhancements.
  7. Align multiple ERP companies or divisions to a single CRM database.
  8. Process Sage 100 ERP quotes and orders in the familiar Sage CRM environment through Quick Order Entry screens without installing Sage 100 ERP on the workstation.
  9. Efficiently and cost effectively manage your shipping process and streamline rate shopping.
  10. Simplify your software update process using the new Sage Advisor Update console.

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