Sage 100 PR Accrued Vacation Dollars

Sage 100 PR Accrued Vacation Dollars (PR-1124) accrues vacation dollars for hourly employees on a weekly pay cycle.  These dollars are calculated based on the vacation accrual rate multiplied by the pay rate associated with each vacation eligible earnings line.  The dollars are then relieved as vacation is used by calculating an average pay rate based on the number of available hours as applied to the current total value of the bucket.

Additionally you can maintain a minimum number of earnings hours required on a pay entry in order for vacation accrual to take place.

This DSD Extended Solution requires the Payroll standard option ‘Allow Benefit Accruals From’ to be set to ‘Data Entry Only’ and that the Custom Office module is Activated.

Use of the ‘Eligibility Wait’ and ‘Eligibility Hours’ fields in Benefit Schedule Maintenance for employees subject to this processing will produce undesirable results.