How to move PDF documents in Sage 100 Paperless Office


Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions.


As of Version 4.40, Link Maintenance is available to Re-link or Move Paperless Documents. There are occasions where Link Maintenance cannot handle large numbers of records due to the absence of a date filter. In these circumstances, it is recommended that PDF’s be purged or the Viewer must be used to re-link the documents (Using the “Move” button) in small batches. If Link Maintenance displays a different number of records than Data File Display and Maintenance or the Document Viewers, the Log file is most likely corrupted and will need to be rebuilt. The Paperless Office Log Files work optimally when they have a maximum of 75,000 records.


Change the path for future reports:

● Open Paperless Office, Setup, Journal and Register Maintenance

● Click Report Entries (Flashlight button) Select the setting desired to change from the Report List and click Select.

Note: This is a list of previously configured settings.

● In the PDF Directory field, browse to the new location for PDF storage

● Click Accept.

● Repeat for each Maintenance task and Company Code, if desired

Use Link Maintenance to Re-Link or Move Reports (This option is available in Sage 100 ERP Version 4.40 and above):

● Open Library Master, Utilities, Link Maintenance

● Select the Link Type to change (Forms, Journals/Registers, Reports)

● Select a Company Code and Module code or select ALL for each

● Click Refresh and documents matching your criteria are displayed

○ NOTE: This interface can have a long loading time for high document counts. It will take about 30 seconds per 10,000 records

NOTE: This interface can handle a maximum of 100,000 records. If there are more than 100,000 records for one time, the Viewer will have to be used to re-link the records using the date filter which Link Maintenance does not have. It is recommended that PDF’s are purged regularly as well if this number exceeds 75,000 records (Paperless Office, Utilities, Purge PDF Documents)

● Hold the Shift or CTRL key while clicking so select multiple records

● Click the Relink button to change the path

● A “Path” box appears – type the new path for the pdf documents and click Accept

● A message will appear if the PDF documents are not located in the new folder. You can still accept and Re-link if the PDF’s are not there.

○ NOTE: The PDF’s themselves can be moved before or after the Re-link process. Once the path can see the PDF in the directory, it will go from Red to Black to

○ If PDF’s are reachable (Not Broken Links), you can use the “Move” button to move the PDF and change the Link simultaneously. If this option if chosen, make a backup of the PDF documents themselves prior to doing the move using Link Maintenance

Move Reports Using the Viewer (To do this, there must at least one entry in Black that can be located. If all paths are in Red, the move button will be unavailable):

● Open Paperless Office, Main, Report Viewer

● Select Company and Module Codes or ALL. The reports will display in the list area

● Select the reports to be moved

Note: Press CTRL or SHIFT when clicking to select multiple reports.

● Click the Move button (yellow bar with the right arrow).

● Browse to New Location then Click OK

● Click Yes

● A dialog box opens indicating the number of PDF documents moved. Click OK

NOTE: This method should only be used if Link Maintenance is not an option due to large datasets