How to Expand Item Codes in Sage 100


Sage 100  How To Expand Item Codes From 15 To 30 Characters


The below directions will effect only the company currently selected.

Open Common Information, Setup, Common Information Options

  1. Select Allow Entry of Expanded Item Codes


Once made, the change is irreversible.

  • This selection affects both miscellaneous items and inventory items
  • When expanding the customer number or item code, it is important to understand that all graphical reports and forms including these fields throughout Sage MAS 90 are automatically changed to accommodate the number of characters.
  • Non-graphical forms such as those in Job Cost or Work Order do not support the expanded field length.

These reports and forms will only include the first 15 characters of the item code. 


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.