Sage 100 “This Order Is Currently Being Invoiced”


Sage 100  Error: “This Order Is Currently Being Invoiced” when selecting a Sales Order number in SO Invoice Data Entry.

or “This Sales Order is currently being invoiced.”


The invoicing process had already been started and not finished.


  • Another invoice already exists for the sales order and has not been updated yet. This message is designed to prevent the Sales Order from being over-invoiced by accident.
    • Update the Daily Sales Reports/Updates.
  • If the error still occurs after updating, the original invoice may still exist in SO_Invoice Header.m4t but is not accessible, perhaps due to a damaged record.
    • Delete the original invoice and clear the invoice number from the sales order record:
      1. Expand Modules, Library Master, Utilities, Data File Display and Maintenance.
      2. Select …\Mas90\Mas_xxx\SOxxx\SO_InvoiceHeader (xxx= company code).
      3. Locate the invoice that has the sales order number in line 4 SalesOrderNo$ field
      4. Delete the invoice record.
      5. Select ..\Mas90\Mas_xxx\SOxxx\SO_SalesOrderHeader.m4t
      6. Select the Sales Order record
      7. Edit line 43- CurrentInvoiceNumber$ field
      8. Deleted the invoice number from the change field.
      9. OK