Sage 100 Accounts Receivable Multi-Currency

Sage 100 AR Multi-Currency (MAS 90, MAS 200) is invaluable for any company that performs Invoice or Cash Receipts Entry involving international or foreign Customers.

How does Accounts Receivable Multi-Currency (ARMC) work?

The ARMC enhancement provides the Sage 100 user with the ability to create Invoices, receive Payment for those Invoices, and print Reports in any Currency using any Exchange rate. This Enhancement is essential for any company selling to Customers in more than one Country since the payment of the Invoice is usually in the Customer’s Currency.

Customer Maintenance View

The Statistics, Summary, and History panels display the amounts in both Base Currency and the Customer’s Historical Currency. A Drop Box has been added to allow a display toggle between these two Currencies.


Printing Standard Reports

When printing any Accounts Receivable Reports, you may define the Currency options to use. A Currency Button is in the Report Panel, and when selected, the following screen will be displayed. (This screen will vary depending on the report being printed and the options entered)