Sage 300 Notes by Orchid

Custom notes linked to Sage 300 screens and fields

Notes enable you to attach context and data-sensitive electronic notes to Sage 300 (Accpac) fields or screens.

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What is Notes?

Notes enable you to attach context and data-sensitive electronic notes to Sage 300 (Accpac) fields or screens, telling your users what they need to know, where and when they need it.

  • Notes can be linked to just about any Sage 300 data, e.g. to specific users, customers, items, batches or transactions
  • Notes can appear every time the linked data is displayed, or be restricted to specific screens
  • Notes can comprise not just plain text, but also rich text, hyperlinks and even small images
    When combined with other Orchid products,

Notes provides a powerful platform for further customization of Sage 300, e.g.:

  • Use with Document Management Link to show contextual notes alongside links to related documents (e.g. Purchase Orders, Invoices, or Product Specifications)
  • Use with Optional Tables to display structured data
  • Use with Extender to display the changes to monitored fields, or other relevant data through the use of custom scripts (Extended Notes)

How It Works

Configuration and Customization

Viewing, Adding and Editing Notes

Notes with Extender Add-On

You control not just what is displayed, but also where, how and to whom:

  • Specify which Sage 300 field labels will trigger the display of Notes
  • Optionally specify which screens will trigger the display of Notes
  • Set display characteristics (e.g. Alert Box, auto pop-up, flashing tray icon)
  • Set up role-based rules to target messages to the right people, and control who can add, edit, or delete Notes.

When the user opens a Sage 300 screen or transaction record, any existing Notes relevant to their role that have been linked to fields on that screen, or to the screen itself, will appear in the Alert Box. Edit and/or New buttons are presented in the Alert Box, subject to any role-based restrictions that have been configured, allowing users to maintain Notes without leaving the Sage 300 screen.

If Notes have been configured for a screen but none currently exist, a blank Note icon will be displayed on the screen’s menu bar, and can be clicked to initiate entry of a new Note. Alternatively, a pop-up window can automatically prompt for entry of a new Note.

Notes and Orchid Extender are perfect companions. You can:

  • Configure Extender to create a Note when a data-related event occurs.
  • Configure Notes to trigger the execution of an Extender Script, the result of which will be displayed in the Notes Alert Box (Extended Notes).
  • Extender Scripts offer almost limitless customization opportunities. E.g. retrieve data on the fly, generate conditional notes, even display data from other systems. You can develop your own custom Python scripts or try out our sample Extender Scripts for Notes. Sample scripts are included when you install, and are also available for download from the Partner Resources area of our website.

Benefits of Notes includes: